3 Tips for Maintaining the Central Heating System

If you want to make certain the central heating system is able to run as efficiently as possible, a regular check-up and service from a reputable plumbing and heating service is likely to be highly desirable. By taking the necessary action to make sure the pipes and radiators are free and clear of blockages, the entire central heating system is able to operate much more efficiently, which will not only be more effective at providing the desired heat, but will also cut the utility bills. Here are several steps that can be followed to make sure the central heating is able to run as efficiently as possible:

Protect the External Condensation Pipe

If you want to make certain a boiler Geen warm water isn’t likely to start to struggle to run in the freezing temperatures, you really want to take the necessary action to protect the condensation pipe. If you do experience an issue with this pipe freezing in the winter you might want to take the necessary proactive action to prevent any future issues. In most cases it is quite simple to protect the condensation pipe by wrapping old rags or towels around it. Alternatively, you might wish to invest in some of the dedicated foam pipe insulation available at the nearest DIY store.

Turning Up the Thermostat on the Boiler

If you are experiencing a very cold snap you might want to consider turning the boiler thermostat to a higher rating. This isn’t referring to the regular thermostat found on the wall of a main room. Instead this relates to the thermostat that is featured on the actual boiler. After the temperature has recovered to the more acceptable levels, you can of course change the setting on the thermostat to the normal rating.

Getting the Boiler Serviced Regularly

One of the most efficient steps that can be taken to make sure the boiler is able to run efficiently is to have in place a regular schedule for having it serviced. In most situations a boiler is likely to break down due to a common fault which would normally be detected at the time of a service. If you can service the boiler every 12 months or so, there is a greater chance that you are able to eliminate the occurrence of the minor faults.


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