Building Business Relationships – How to Build Rapport With Prospects

Creating quality connections with prospects, leads & other entrepreneurs is a critical element in your business growth. I cant express enough how building relationships have led to great “business breaks”, including gaining new profitable ideas, sponsoring new distributors or students in my program, or contributing to my spiritual or personal development. Its amazing what happens when you genuinely take the time to know a person, the manifestation that will result.

So how can you begin building relationships virtual roundtables with your leads & prospects? I see people turn this easy, fun-filled event into a horror, nightmare scene where they’re utterly scared to pick up the phone & call their leads. Why? When your focus is on empowering & helping the other person (and not yourself), you will find this experience so rewarding (and believe me, you cannot build a business simply hiding behind the computer…you MUST build relationships).

Here’s a simple formula that I’ve learned months ago from Dani Johnson to use when speaking with your leads & prospects. Its called FORM.

F – Family: Ask about their family, where they’re from and currently living. Do they have children? Are they married? Are their children in grade school or college? These questions may look invasive, but you will find that people open up when they talk about the people they love!

O- Occupation: What do they currently do for a living? Do they enjoy it? How long have they been there? What are their career objectives? Are they retired? Do they see themselves as an entrepreneur?

R- Recreation: What do they enjoy doing for fun? What are their hobbies, favorite places to visit…what do they enjoy doing in their spare time?

M- Motivation: What inspires them? What are their dreams & visions? What is the “why” behind what they do?

Utilizing this simple yet super effective formula will get your prospects talking and you will discover their “why”, which is the ammunition you need to close your prospect! Asking questions allows you to qualify your prospects, determining whether or not they are worth your time and energy!

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