Choosing Well Matched Cheap Designer Sunglasses

Summer season is finally here and one of our biggest “concerns” is finding the right pair of sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are definitely one of the best accessories and an absolute must-have. Since you can’t go out on a hot, sunny summer day without your sunglasses on, choosing the perfect pair is very important. Whether you are planning to wear them for protection against the powerful sun rays or to make a great impression at the beach, you should choose a pair that suits your style.

First thing you have to keep in mind is that the round sunglasses size should be in proportion with the face size. Second, the frame shape needs to be the opposite of the shape of your face to balance your appearance. Third, you have to determine the shape of your face:

Round – If you have a round-shaped face look for polarized sunglasses for men with brow bars, wider frames with angular or rectangular styles which will elongate your face.

Oval – If you have an oval shaped face, you’re lucky because most sunglasses styles go with this shape so go ahead and experiment.

Square – In this case, go for soft styles such as cat eye styles and classic oval and round frames.

Diamond – Choose oval sunglasses or softly curved square frames to soften the contour of the face. Rimless sunglasses also work perfectly for diamond shaped faces.

Triangle – Frames with a straight top line, cat eyes styles and metal frames with rimless bottoms will perfectly suit your face.

Oblong – If you have an oblong shaped face choose round or square shapes. Decorative temples will also look great.

You will also have to pay attention to your complexion and hair’s length, shape and color when you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses. Here are some useful tips guide yourself while you are searching for the perfect pair of designer sunglasses:

– For a fair complexion, choose frames in light colors such as rose, amber, clear blue or green. Avoid darker versions.
– Dark complexions look amazing in metallic frames. In this case, it is best to avoid black frames.

Hair styles and colors:
– If you have short or very short hair, choose geometric frames, bold colors and designs and decorative styles.
– If you have long hair, make sure you try on the sunglasses with both your hair up and down.
– For very curly hair, classic frames are the best option.
– If you have soft and curly hair, choose a pair of delicate-shaped sunglasses, rimless frames and translucent colors.

Take your time and carefully browse a variety of designer sunglasses in order to find what suits you best. Don’t stop until you haven’t found a pair that suits your style, face, but it also feels comfortable. And most important, don’t make the mistake of buying cheap sunglasses and neglect the need of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Now you can find designer sunglasses that will protect your eyes at affordable prices.

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