How Important Is Polystyrene in Packaging?

Polystyrene foam today is being used to pack most of the products across various sectors. You can find polystyrene everywhere, at your home, in the office cafeteria as well as the local grocery. Meat trays to egg cartons, soup bowls to salad boxes, coffee cups to utensils to CD boxes, it is being used everywhere. Its foam pieces are lightweight and are used to cushion new appliances and electronics, thus helping in the packaging. The usage of polystyrene has grown in the recent times owing to its various benefits. The numerous benefits of polystyrene are listed below:

The take out meal is guarded against leaking and shape changing.

It keeps fruits, veggies and eggs intact and fresh.

It will keep your cold food cold and hot food hot.

It is low on cost and a sanitary choice for packaging of food.

It does not add much weight to your shipments and packaging.

It is a combination of strength, durability and lightness protecting everything from crystals to computers, to morning coffee to lunch salad.

The use of polystyrene in food packaging reusable coffee cup products to be used in schools and hospitals is a much safer option than disposable cups. In fact these are stated to be much more hygienic than the disposable cups spreading diseases.

With the containers tightly closed, Polystyrene makes sure it is leak proof, while also being durable. It remains in shape for longer periods of time, maintaining the most ideal temperature for the food stored.

Polystyrene is basically made of air, with only 5% of it being foam. Guarding against waste, this is the best insulating product that helps hold food fresh with their optimal temperatures. The temperature maintenance helps protect food from at optimal drinking or eating temperatures, preventing it from getting stale.

Usually more economical than the other disposable paperboard products and reusable food service products, polystyrene, at a wholesale price is far less than that of a disposable paper container. It is about four to five times less costly than any reusable food service option. SO schools, hospitals and other institutions can make better use of it in their limited available budget.
It is light weight, thus reducing shipping costs. The cushioning ability ensures lesser damage, thus reducing breakage chances and damaging fewer goods.

It suites perfectly in today’s busy lifestyles, being economical and providing high quality service.

It is recyclable, thus minimising waste. It can be indefinitely remodelled and recycled, even after years of usage.
Other than this, polystyrene is:

· Moisture resistant
· Cleaner
· Easier to handle
· Appealing visually
· Environment friendly

Polystyrene is now highly being recommended by health control boards for hospital and school usage. Reusable products have been increasingly been stated to cause infections and other problems, hence the increased usage of polystyrene.

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