How to Build a Pond Waterfall

A backyard pond provides texture, visual interest and beauty for your garden, and also attracts varied type of wildlife and beneficial insects to your yard. If you’ve already got your pond in an doing well, you should consider adding another feature by learning how to build a pond waterfall. As long as you have electrical access for your waterfall, you should be able to handle the job on your own. Let’s get started:

Choose your waterfall style. There are many kits available that give you everything you need to put a waterfall into your pond. Some have rocks, others metal elements, and still others have terra cotta pots or other decorative elements.
Set up the pump system. Pond waterfalls depend on a pump system and gravity. So, you need to create a raised area for the beginning of the water, which may involve a little digging or building.
Run the hose from the base of the koi pond to the top of your waterfall, being sure to camouflage the tubing. When you are trying to figure out how to build a pond waterfall, you should read the directions and consider how you want your waterfall to look.
You can also hide the electrical cords for the waterfall pump, just be sure to follow any safety instructions that come with your pump.
A waterfall takes your pond from the ordinary to the extraordinary in just a few steps. With just a little effort, you can learn to build a pond waterfall and change the whole atmosphere of your outdoor space. You can add relaxation and a sense of calm to your landscape with the beauty and serenity of a waterfall.

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