How to Find the Best Quality Gemstone Cabochons

Cabochons stones are gemstones that are made in a concave shape. Gemstone cabochons can be worn in a ring or necklace but they are believed to work better when directly placed over the ailing areas.

To choose the best quality cabochons, it is important to examine the stone, cut, color and value of the stone.

Today with the help of technology many precious stones are imitated easily, therefore making it hard to differentiate. However, if the Tansanit customers have a bit of prior information about what exactly to look for in gemstone cabochons, they can save themselves from the fake.

Firstly, it is important to know the type of cabochon stone you want to buy. If you know how an original ruby or topaz looks like you can easily make out the cabochon cut version of it. Another example is a turquoise gemstone that cannot be faceted due to its natural dense color. Therefore, the idea is to cabochon it so that varied and beautiful patterns of the stone come out.

Stones like opal are usually cut as gemstone cabochons because of the color play included in the stone. These stones are extremely soft and hence faceting them makes them more vulnerable to scratches. Stones that have a perfect color can also be cut into a cabochon due to the inclusions in it. Two different shades in one stone may make it difficult to facet instead it may spoil the luster of the stone.

Typically cabochons are oval at the top and flat at the bottom. Cabochons are usually unpolished and flat at the back. These stones are not faceted only polished, as they are usually opaque. Gemstones that lack clarity and are denser are usually used for cabochon cut. Cabochons generally have self-inclusions like a cat’s eye or a star. The cabochon cut accentuates the natural inclusion in the stone. The cabochon cut should ideally make the inclusions interesting and the stone sparkle rather than making it look dull unlike more clear gemstones. If cabochon cut does not reflect light, it is considered proper gemstone cabochons.

Remember the lightest color of the gemstone that is pale, dull and almost transparent is relatively less valuable. Gemstone cabochons with deeper hue that are dark and beautiful are more valuable. The price of the gemstone cabochons are based on various factors like, cut, clarity, color, shape and size. Rarity in terms of size and type of stone also plays an important role in value of the stone.

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