Investing in Gemstones – Is It Right for You?

During a time when interest rates are low and the stock market is in decline, many people are becoming interested in the possibility of investing in gemstones. They make physically attractive hard assets that are highly portable, stored easily, and maintain their intrinsic value no matter how much time goes by. Natural gemstones are rarer and rarer to come by these days since numerous mines have already been worked dry. Therefore, it is no surprise that the buying price of gems continues to remain on the incline. Hard assets like gems, land, and gold are preferred by many investors over stocks, bonds, and currency. Still, you should be aware of the difference between Amethyst gems and other hard assets.

The simple fact with a gold investment is that you can take your bricks, jewelry, or coins to any gold trader in the world and receive cash back. After your gold is weighed and tested, you will be paid a fair market price for it. Investing in gemstones, however, is more like owning real estate. Chances are you will be able to find a willing buyer, but they will be an opportunist who is only willing to offer you a low price for your asset.

Another aspect that is different about investing in gemstones is that there is no standard value for pricing gems. Sure, gemstones can be authenticated in labs, but the ones doing the authentication could not tell you its value. The price you will get for your gems is based on what buyers in the market are willing to pay at any given time. Finding the right buyer is the challenge when it comes time to sell your gemstones and make a profit on your initial investment.


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