Luxury Real Estate Options Found Within Man-Made Island Communities In Biscayne Bay

Today’s property market offers so many luxurious real estate properties found within the city of Miami Beach that are perfect for the diverse range of people who come to experience the opulence and unique living experience that is made possible within the world-class beach destination where life is as beautiful as the horizon that surrounds it.

Among the luxurious venta de casas en Puerto Vallarta properties offered within the city are a superb range of outstanding Miami Beach luxury homes which are situated within man-made island communities right along the waters of Biscayne Bay which is known to be a dynamic marine ecosystem which is about 40 miles long and 2 to 10 miles wide.

If you happen to be someone who is eager to find exceptional real estate on today’s property market, you should definitely consider the options that are found within the top three island communities found in Biscayne Bay, especially since its selection of luxury homes have proven to be more than ideal for the highest standards of living.

Hibiscus Island

Hibiscus Island luxury homes are found within an upscale neighborhood that has a total land area of 0.109 square miles. The fact that island community is one of the most secluded of all residential communities makes it perfect for people who seek as much privacy as possible. Also, the fact that each of the luxury homes found within Hibiscus Island are designed to showcase the most amazing architectural styles have made them a top option for people who want to have the most impressive homes in the region today.

Palm Island

Palm Island luxury homes are amazing found within a fabulous gated community located south of Hibiscus Island. The man-made island is slightly larger than Hibiscus Island as its total land area is 0.129 square miles; however, a vast area of the community is regulated as a sustainable environment for the marine and wildlife within the region. If you have always dreamed of being able to cohabitate with animals such as shorebirds, sea turtles, manatees and dolphins, then Miami Beach luxury homes found within Palm Island are definitely suitable for you!

Star Island

Star Island luxury homes are found within a glamorous community that is situated east of Hibiscus and Palm islands. With a total land area of 0.134 square miles, the island is larger than that of Palm Island. People easily recognized the man-made island as being a preference among star personalities such as Gloria Estefan as well as Sean “Puffy” Combs who have found the quality of living within the exclusive community to be suitable for their star-quality lifestyles.

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