Persol Sunglasses – Classic Shades For Men and Women

Wearing sunglasses is no longer confined to protecting one’s eyes. Today, it is associated with style and fashion. As we browse through various models of sunglasses on the Internet, we find that there is no dearth of stunningly beautiful designer sunglasses. Moreover, with the increasing competition, heavy discounts are being offered which has made shopping for these sunglasses a more enjoyable experience. The credit goes primarily to online shopping methods that have evolved with the passage of time. There are numerous brands available online, which are trusted worldwide for their superior products and services.

One such brand is Persol. Its off white sunglasses line is particularly popular and offers a wide range of stylish and elegant designs. Catering to contemporary tastes and preferences, it has become one of the favorites of sunglasses lovers all over the world.

A highly successful and popular designer eyewear company today, Persol was established by Giuseppe Ratti in the 1917. His sense of fine artisanship, with a keen eye on innovations, led him to create some of the most splendid sunglasses in the world.

One of the key features of the Persol designer eyewear collection is that the user gets loads of variety at his disposal. A wide variety of shapes and sizes are available which provide a number of options for the customer.

The key strength of Persol sunglasses is that they are ingeniously designed with specially manufactured lenses designed to provide maximum protection for the eyes. In 2003, it offered the Sole line of sunglasses, which were specially designed for fashion-savvy women. This line featured 24 new models at the time and was a huge success with the fashionista crowd. Offering optimum flexibility and comfort, these sunglasses redefined the ‘glamour look’ for women.

Considering the recent contemporary collections, the Persol 2364 sunglasses are a great fit for women on a lookout for keeping abreast with the latest fashion trends. For the discerning men looking to buy high quality shades and superb performance, the Persol PO2720S sunglasses are the perfect choice. They are made from Zyl and the rugged temples ensure long lasting durability.

Apart from these pairs, there are other equally popular models like the Persol PO 2902S, Persol PO 2953S and Persol PO 2365S sunglasses. All of them have their own distinct styles and features. However, one thing that remains common with all Persol shades- 100% protection from the UVA, UVB rays. And that’s reason enough to buy yourself a pair.

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